02.03.2017, Morocco

Because the page-size is near the limit, i had to split the news and pictures of Morocco in three parts. Please find other infomations on 01.03.2017 Morocco (Part 2/4).

... to be continued.

06.04.2017, Day 81, Marrakesh: Medina walk tour

Today was the first day Valentino was in Marrakesh. Fortunately, I knew the city very good now so I could show him a lot of the best places in only one day. As we came in the crafter area, we saw a crowd of people. Interested of it we joined them to have a look what happened in the middle of the circle. A man has been sitting on the ground with his gas cooker and demonstrated how to use hot-glue and how it has to be applied.

Later we’ve walked through the leather quarter, some second-hand markets and we’ve found a very nice shop with bicycles. These looked used and were definitely stolen. For 100.- to 600.- Euro you could have a very nice racing bike with carbon-frame. Four eyes see more than only two. Often we made us attentive to things, the other one would have passed.

07.04.2017, Day 82, Marrakesh: New town bike tour

Today we started cycling the first time for a longer distance. Our plan was to check out the new town. This part of the village is very big and not that interesting to walk through because of the big and long streets. We climbed up some hills near the city to get a view about it.

At night we kicked back at the terrace of our hostel with some other guests from New Zeeland. We spent hours viewing the sun-set, listening to music and have some conversations. At the end, we learned some Maori words and songs. Bukala-Ouwey-Hee!

08.04.2017, Day 83, Marrakesh: Shopping day

Our last complete day in Marrakesh started and we went one last time to my favorite place to eat Tajine again. Finally I’ve eaten here more than ten time, I brought a lot of tourists here, the staff knew me very good and always gave me tee for free s much I wanted.

After lunch, while strolling through the markets Valentino decided to buy some local clothes. In a Saharaui store we found some nice white clothes and in an Arabic one some for me. The tourists and the locals on the street looked confused on us and some even started talking Arabic to us before we had the chance to explain that we are tourists.

09.04.2017, Day 84, Lamzoudia: First cycle day together

The time came to goodbye to the well-known Marrakesh, Hostel Rouge and the cool staff. Mohammed and Salim and the rest of the crew were great hosts! All in all, I spent 18 days in this city! Every day was different and there was something new to explore. After a long preparation of our bikes and equipment we were ready to leave. Good bye Marrakesh, until the next time. In schã’a llãh.

We cycled on the main street out of Marrakesh to the west. The road was not that interesting… Many kilometers two lanes each way just straight and flat… Somewhere we’ve seen a big tent and some disks which were shot up by some pump guns. As we got closer the park guardian explained us that they’ve a competition between two shooting clubs. Unfortunately it was just over the moment we arrived, but the organizer of the competition recognized us and invited us for the afterwards lunch with the whole group. There we sat, in a big room of a school on the same table with some honorary members. And from this moment all happened very fast. A huge plate with about eight grilled chickens were served and the battle began. Everyone was eating very fast and tried to converse to us at the same time. When we were full they took away the plate with chicken and brought a new one the same size with beef and the second part of the battle began. At the end some fruits were served and the meat was finished. After some pictures and shaken hands the whole feast was over and we continued cycling.

10.04.2017, Day 85, Al Machat: Interested kids

It was funny not to stay all day alone… Stories and experiences were shared and the time runs faster. But it was very hard for both of us. We were both not trained anymore and felt pain after the first day cycling. At the afternoon of a long time on the main road, we used the first opportunity to left it. Our way went on quiet roads between a lot of farmers and fields.

We finally found a very good place to camp and after ten minutes the first interested kids visited us. They’ve seen us cooking, went home, returned with their donkey and gave us some beans and breads to complete our diner. Before they had to go home again, we had a chance to ride the donkey with them what was very funny.

11.04.2017, Day 86, Moulay: Reached the beach

Today we had to pass a big market! A really big market. It was easier to cross the hole media of Marrakesh by bike then to get through this market. It took a lot of time and we saw many funny things like human powered ferries wheel and carousels, some flutes player, At the end of the market there was a parking-field for donkeys and carriages.

In the hectic of the market we took the wrong direction and had to cross some field tracks to got back to the right way again. At the evening, we reached the Moulay. A small village at the beach which is famous to do wind- and kitesurfing. So the people just started intruding on us the moment we entered. We had a very big Tajine in a family’s house and camped near the beach.

12.04.2017, Day 87, Essaouira: Terrace of Atlantic Hostel

It was only a few kilometers from Moulay to Essaouira. But after eating something wrong or too much it was the hardest day to cycle. But when we reached the view platform of the main street we knew it would be easy now to get there.

We went to the Hostel I’ve heard often before. The hostel Atlantic was meeting point of a lot of travelers and specially the terrace is unique. We recharged our batteries and relaxed our sore muscles.

13.04.2017, Day 88, Essaouira: Beach day

Tired of the driving from the last days we spent a lazy day on the beach with some other tourists from the hostel. Unfortunately, the Moroccans have other problems instead of recycling… that’s why in the rocks next to us where covered by pet bottles and other waste which was thrown in the ocean.

A fisherman cleaned out a bucket full of fish close to us what attracted a lot seagulls. For dinner, we went back in the city and bought some food to share on the terrace with all the tourists. We bought some minced meat, onions, eggs and spices and went to a grill where a man prepared and cooked the food for us.

14.04.2017, Day 89, Essaouira: Citytour

Today we left the hostel to explore the village. Essaouira is a small place with a lot of fishermen. On the port they sell the fish they caught directly. It’s a quiet place with a big beach where you can find all the tourist activities. But there are not many other things to see, so we went back to the terrace to prepare for the next cycle day.

15.04.2017, Day 90, Aghanaje: Spring in a riverbed

To get back in the saddle of the bikes, was after these relaxing days even harder than before. We still had some sore muscles and felt some pain the sitting in the saddle the last days left behind. After we filled up our stock of fresh vegetables we left Essaouira and started cycling along the cost to the south.

After we left the street and drove on a gravel road, we had to cross a dried river. The high canyons reveal that here could be a strong river. We found just a small spring which created a creek. We really liked this place and decided to finish our ride for today. During the time we were there we’ve realized the importance of this spring. Cars and scooters stopped to fill up their water bottles, shepherds came here to let the herd drink and some peoples came here to wash the face and feet of themselves. We used to wash ourselves as well and to clean our kitchen materials.

16.04.2017, Day 91, Tilit: Bumpy road

The gravel road continued for the whole day… It was one of the hardest parts Valentino an I cycled. We cycled more than 7 hours and had less than 50 kilometers because it was not possible to ride faster on this bumpy road. None of the 4 villages we crossed had some fresh vegetables or meals… all we ate where some biscuits, chocolate bars, spread cheese and bread. But the suffering was worth it, we had some beautiful views to the coast from our bumpy road.

17.04.2017, Day 92, Imsouane: First time on the wave

On the offline maps we’ve found an interesting city which was built in the sea like a spearhead. We decided to check it. It was a city called Imsouane and it was a famous spot for surfing. In the port bay were dozens of persons in black wet suits and fluorescent colored surf boards. This impression made us searching for a camping-place and renting the surf equipment.

Valentino explained me how to do it and gave me some tips. In the water we had to wait most of the time for the right moment. When the wave came all the wet-suited persons started paddling to get almost the same speed as the wave and to stand up. After some tries we were in and could ride on the wave for some meters. Unfortunately there were only small waves which were hard to catch.

18.04.2017, Day 93, Imsouane: 2nd Surfing day

Today morning we went again to the beach and took some waves. In the afternoon when the waves getting smaller we went back to the camping place and found some baby dogs in our area. They were all very weak and we built a dog hut out of some rocks and leaves. We met two cool Austrian travelers and where invited to ate with them in their campervan. The one who prepared the food was a cook and created a delicious meal.  

19.04.2017, Day 94, Imsouane: End of the surfing season

Everybody hoped that today would be a better day to surf than a bigger frequency and size of the waves were forecasted. We checked before we rented the equipment again and were disappointed. So we went bouldering with the Austrian guys at the cliffs at the beach. The sandstone was a great natural climbing wall, just a bit dangerous because the stone were very sharp.

20.04.2017, Day 95, Inraren: Cycling up and up

We had a very strenuous ascent for the begin. For more than an hour we pedaled up the hill. We were rewarded with a nice view of Imsouane and the beach we’ve spent the last three days. After the heavy start we drove inland. The hilly road runs away from the coast up in the mountains. We rode over a dam of a reservoir, along some dried rivers and were invited to sleep on some ones field. Because it was fresh plowed, it was softer than the other grounds.

21.04.2017, Day 96, Tamrout: Dried Waterfall

We had a bad start today… After some hours’ drive, we passed a farmer’s house where two dogs were lying on the street. They were barking when they saw us and as soon we passed them one of them bite in Valentinos bike sidebag. The dog was lucky that he don’t attacked our legs, otherwise he would have a footprint of our sole in his face.

The second disappointment was when we finally reached the waterfalls. We arrived off-season and there was only a small stream falling down the cliff. But the polished stone and some pictures in the restaurant gave us an idea how impressive this waterfall must be in season. So we continued our way and cycled up to the highest pint on our tour: 1200 meters over the sea! On the other side of the mountain we roll down till it’s started getting dark and built up our camps. We arrived the Paradise Valley where everything was more green and impressive.

22.04.2017, Day 97, Paradise Valley: Natural pool

We camped close to the mark of Paradise Valley on our maps. We only had a short ride to the parking where the walking path started. After 15 minutes we reached the first lake, where many families and children were. We get a tip that we should walk another 15 minutes to get to the second lake. We walked another 15 minutes and arrived there.

It was a pool in the cliffs and the drinkable spring was right next to it. Here were no more families, just younger one which took the risky and longer way to walk here. The cliffs around it were perfect to jump in the water. There were different spots from 3 to 17 meters to jump. Most did the 10 meter, as we did. Valentino jumped first and I needed a bit longer to get enough courage, but finally we did twice. When it was shady, we went along the river to wash our clothes and enjoy the nature.

23.04.2017, Day 98, Taghazout: Roof House Hostel

In the other hostels we’ve been, we heard a lot about the nice surf spot at the beach Taghazout. It was only a half day drive away from our camp. In the small city, we checked different places to sleep… some apartments and some hostels. At the end, we decided to stay in the Roof House Hostel. A small hostel, hosted by Jamal with a nice roof top. From the first moment we arrived, we felt very comfortable and home. It was a very relaxed and family atmosphere.

24.04.2017, Day 99, Taghazout: Our Host Jamal

While relaxing on the roof top with two other guests, Gleb and Itamar from Israel, Jamal asked us if we like to eat some fish with him. He went out for buying all the stuff and came back with a 2-kilogram tuna he gets for a good price from a fisherman. We helped him to prepare and placed the tuna in the oven, together with some potatoes, tomatoes and lemons. It was very delicious!

After that lunch, we went to the beach to swim and relax. While staying in that colorful house we had to let out our creativity and drawn a bit in the sand…

25.04.2017, Day 100, Taghazout: Roof top terrace day

Since some weeks, I’ve got this unconfutable feeling in my finger when I woke up. My small left finger seems to be blocked when I tried to stretch it out. I got a tip from someone that it this is a “SPRUNGFINGER”. From holding the handle bar all the time the tendon of my small finger get inflamed. The inflamed part is too thick to move through the tunnel that its blocked and jumps trough it if enough force is used. I started to applicate some Voltarene gel and was happy we found such a nice place where I can relieve my finger a bit.

We learned a cool card game and relaxed all day on the roof top of the terrace. The best game was Kubo. Nic from the states taught us. It’s a kind of memory game where you have to remember your cards and swap them to better ones. A similar game than “Bieberbande” I knew from Switzerland, just with French poker cards.

26.04.2017, Day 101, Taghazout: Stand-up-paddle

Today we went together with Gleb and Itamar to the beach. The waves where small so we rented two stand-up-paddle boards to share them and for try. I already did it somewhere in Switzerland but only for about 10 minutes. So I was interested how it would be in the sea with the waves. After a while I had the balance and was able to paddle for long distances without falling down.

27.04.2017, Day 102, Taghazout: Visit from Switzerland

Today Sascha, a friend from Switzerland met us in our hostel. He came to morocco for a week with his girlfriend and was able to visit us with his rented car. They already had a lot of stories and similar experiences like we had to tell us, so we spent some hours at the terrace and later we went out for dinner in a nice restaurant.

28.04.2017, Day 103, Taghazout: Rest day

Today we relaxed again in the hostel and played some card games and tried to learn to play Blue from Eifel 65 on the piano. The part of the right hand we almost learned in this day…

29.04.2017, Day 104, Taghazout: New guests

At breakfast, we recognized two new guests in the hostel. Salwa and Safaa. Two Moroccan women from Casablanca. We went to the beach to swim and eat some sandwich. The stray dogs followed us till we had eaten our food. Here are a lot straying dogs! At least two groups with fife to then dogs. At night, they gather at the waste collection point of the city and bark to the wild boars which try to catch some food from there. This spectacle we’ve seen almost every night from our terrace.

30.04.2017, Day 105, Taghazout: Dinner in Agadir

Today we went to the beach again but it was so windy, that we stayed there less than an hour. At the way, back we bought some meat and vegetables to make a big Tajine Kefta. It’s made with tomatoes, minced meat and some other ingredients. After this delicious lunch, we decided to go to Agadir for dinner. We went to an Irish pub to ate some western food and have some drinks. Music and Karaoke in the background made the nightlife feeling complete.

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01.05.2017, Day 106, Taghazout: Another day at the beach

We went again to the beach together. I rented again a stand up paddle-board exercise a bit. The sea was very wild and the waves made it hard to get out in the flat area. As the others left to get back to the hostel, I spent the rest of the evening on the board. I paddled some long distances and improved my balance on the board. After I enjoyed the sunset from my board I surfed back. In the hostel, we cooked a big chicken Tajine and had a relaxed last evening.

02.05.2017, Day 107, Aourir: Buy some souvenirs

At lunch time Safaa and Salwa had to go back to Casablanca and we had to saying goodbye to them. It was a pleasure to meet them and we had a very funny time. Thanks for everything! Later Valentino and I went to Aourir, also known as Banana Village, to buy some souvenirs for him. He bought a lot of spices, honey, Amlou and a nice Tajine pot.

03.05.2017, Day 108, Inzgane: Agadir night live

In two days Valentino’s flight will leave back to Switzerland. For this reason, we went to the big City Agadir-Inzgane, where the station for the busses was. Here we started preparing his baggage. To enjoy the last night, we went out at night to the Irish Pub and to a club close to it. Casablanca Beer, Cheers.

05.05.2017, Day 110, Inzgane: Goodbye Valention!

At 3:00 our phones woke us up again because the bus left at 4:00. We carried his baggage’s to the bus station and then it was time to saying goodbye. Thank you for joining me this awesome month! Your view showed me many moments, I would have passed. Hope your way back goes without any troubles and you will arrive back home save. Inschala!

After the early action I went to the doctor. He knew this problem very good and made a serious impression. He gave me a recipe to buy a cortisone syringe in the next pharmacy. I had to went by myself to buy it and went back to the clinique where he injected it. The investigation and the injection costed about 40€, the syringe 6€. After that I bought some medicine for the next time it happen. The rest of the day I recovered in the hotel room.