06.11.2017, Guinea-Bissau

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06.11.2017, Day 199, São Domingos: First kilometers in Guinea-Bissau

The transition at the boarder was very peaceful and went over quickly. At the exiting office of Senegal a military man asked me: “Where is my gift?” as its usually if they want to earn some extra money from tourists, but immediately his boss waved trough the barrier and said: “Not necessary for the man with the bike.”
On the immigration office to Guinea-Bissau the officer gave me a handshake: “Hello! How are you? Are you my brother or my friend?” After I answered: “I’m both of them.” He had to laugh and the paperwork was done without any harassment. Outside a woman sold some homemade pastries and I ate some with the officers and other locals.
My first thought back on the bike was: “Wuau, Guinea-Bissau!” Big trees were covering the streets spending shadow and a breeze of fresh air went around.

07.11.2017, Day 200, Essakauel: Regular cycling day

The cycling in Guinea-Bissau went on as good as it started. The temperature was just right and it was no effort to move forward. A chameleon crossed slowly the street and as it saw my it went back in the high grass. It would might been run over by a car as slow as it was trying to cross the street.

For lunch I rested at a small river and a group of girls soon appeared to wash some stuff in it. I want to take a picture of the bike and the nature but they were always on the background. I didn’t want to wait all afternoon so I asked them if it’s ok if I take a picture of the bike, while they are a bit on the background of the picture. Somehow, they misunderstood me. They all went out of the river and posed behind my bike for the picture. Seems they know what they’re doing.