In Switzerland, my home country, I started my journey. Well it was not that spectacular start. Just drove from Switzerland to Italy to get to the ferry.

Cost (2 Days, 16.01.2017 - 18.01.2017)

# Category Sum Per Day Percent
1 Food 44.50 € 22.25 € 11%
2 Lodging 0 € 0 € 0%
3 Transport 198 € 99 € 81%
4 Miscellaneous 2.5 € 1.25 € 8 %
5 Tourist attraction 0 € 0 € 0%
6 Equipment 0 € 0 € 0%
7 ------------------------ ----------------- ----------------- ----------
8 Totally 245.00 € 122.50 € 100%

07.01.2017, Day 0, Weinigen (Switzerland): Farewell Party

Together with two friends I’ve planned to eat some cordom-bleu in a restaurant of our village. One of them asked me to help moving some objects in his mother’s restaurant, which is in neighbor village. Because he had to go to the toilet, he sent me already in the cellar and described what I should bring up from there. As I walked in the dark corridor of the cellar I get frightened by my screaming family and friends!

I was so surprised! Later spaghetti was served and music was played. It was a very nice farewell party!

Thanks to all visitors and specially to the organizers Rahel, Celine & Alessandro!

16.01.2017, Day 1, Genua (Italy): The Ferry

Today was the start of my big journey! Because of the cold weather, the snow and slippery roads in Switzerland, I decided to skip this part. My parents and I drove by car to Genua in Italy, where I will take the ferry to Tanger med. In Marocco. It was my first transfer by ferry and everything was much less organized then on an airport, but after nearly two hours we had the ticket and knew where the ship will leave.

After saying goodbye, I entered in the Check-in hall. Everyone had to be controlled by the police. It was a big chaos! The ship should leave at 20:00 and I already started to be a bit nervous as someone said to me: “This is Africa! No worry, the ferry won’t leave until everyone is on Board…” at 21:00 I could entered in the ferry and about 22:00 the ferry toke off.

17.01.2017, Day 2, Mediterranean Sea (Spain): The Ferry


After the hectically start on the port I had a real comfortable transfer. I had a room for my self with my own shower and power-supply. I’ve watched some movies, rode my books and made some exercising. The weather was nice but it was too could to stay all the time on the deck of the ferry.

As I was standing outside and was watching to the cost I saw a city that looks very familiar to me. After I checked the GPS-Location on my Map it was clear whitch city it must be! It was Empuria Brava in at the Costa Brava in Spain. I’ve been there very often as a child for holydays together with my Family.