• Equipment

    On the road: 18 kg bike and 55 kg Luggage packed into 6 big bags

  • Equipment

    During the night: tent, shopping bags with food, solarpanel

  • Equipment

    Trough the desert: 2x additional 10 liter water bottles

  • Equipment

    Drivers view: handlebar, sidemirror, front bag, radio, smartphone holder, many cables…

Here is a list of the most important items for a cycle trip. It was my first long tour and I had a lot of things with me, that I would never take to my next bike tour. Unnecessary things I have not even noted on the list. For example a climbing rope, a machete, a hunting knife, small calculator… These things I have used maybe once or twice.

If I would go to Africa a second time, I even would let my computer at home. I had only a few opportunities to charge and use it. And it wasn't worth the weight and risk to lose it.


Item Model
Bicycle Aarios Expedition

Bike Accessories and Bags

Item Model
Panniers front Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic 2 x 20 L Asphalt/black
Panniers back Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic 2 x 20 L Asphalt/black
Handlebar bag 7 L Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Classic Asphalt/black
Top tube frame bag
Saddle bag
Bike lock Axa Defender Incl. Plug in cable
Backpack Tasmanian Tiger TT TROOPER PACK Khaki
Universal fastening material Strap with buckle, Rubber rope with hook
Tires Schwalbe Marathon Mondial 26" Foldable
Bicycle tubes different models

Spare parts and tools

Item Model
Breaks BBB Tristop Brake Pads
Tires Schwalbe Marathon Mondial 26" Foldable
Bicycle tubes different models
Leather grease Brooks saddle grease
Universal repair stuff Duct tape, cable ties, rope
Bike Multitool Unknown (Cheap chinese thing)
Multitool Leatherman Wave
Different spare parts Spokes, screws, washer...


Item Model
Sleeping bag HighLight Absolut 0
Sleeping bag liner Meru silk inlet
Sleeping mat Exped Synmat 3-D 7 LW


Item Model
Water purification Katadyn Combi
Multifuel stove Optimus Nova
Fuel bottle Optimus 0.4 l
Lighter Windmill Trekker
Cooking pot + handle MSR Alpine (stainless steel)
Plate Tatonka Small Plate
Pocket Knife Victorinox Swiss Soldier Knife
Cutlery Alite Cloverware 2.0
Egg tray Coghlans 6 Egg Holder
Spices Trek'N Eat 6 Spice shaker
Drink Bottle 3 x Evian 1.5 l with Sport cap

Entertaiment, Photography & Electronics

Item Model
Notebook Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon
Computermouse Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse
External HDD WD Elements Basic Storage 3TB
UKW-Radio Auvisio 3W Mini-MP3-Station MPS-550
Mobilephone Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Mobilephone-holder Klick-Fix PhoneBag M
Solarpanel Choetech 19W Solar Charger
Camera Nikon D3000 18-55 mm
Zoom Lens Nikon 55 - 300 mm
Actioncamera GoPro Hero 3 Black
Poker cards Bycicle (Waterproof)
E-Book Kindle Paperwhite
GPS Messanger Findmespot Spot Gen 3
Universal Adapter Skross World Adapter MUV Micro CH white


Item Model
Bike shoes Shimano MT91 braum
Bike shorts Maloja DaveM. Avocado
Bike gel shorts Sugoi RC Pro Liner black
Bike gloves Roeckl Inoka 100 White
Rain jacket 7mesh
Rain pants Löffler
Winter jacket Arcteryx
Scarf Salomon
Underwear Icebreaker Merino
T-Shirt Icebreaker Merino
Trekking pants Craghoppers NosiLife pro
Trekking shirt Craghoppers NosiLife LS
Trekking shoes Salomon Wentwood GTX
Flip-Flop Zimtshop
Wool cap
Sun cap



The bicycle is the main part of my trips. I made some research and found a lot of swiss bike traveler used a bicycle by Aarios. Some have done more than 100'000 km already and are still very happy with it. I went there to inform me and in the 4 hour speak with the owner, we defined each part on a bike that fits perfect to my size and my journey.


The second most important thing is to have enough food and water. As a traveler you need a lot of energy, moving all day and being outside most of the time. Where there was no more drinkable tap water, it would make a big impact to buy water bottles. Also think of the pollution of environment, they do not have a recycling system and most of the waste from local ends on the street.
I used a Katadyn Combi to filter more than 300 liter of water for my daily use. I could stop in every village and refill my water bottles. An amazing product that gives you a lot of freedom.
To cook I used the multifuel stove Optimus Nova. There are no gas cans in Africa so forget about the gas stoves. Gasoline and Diesel are the things you find all over the world and the Optimus Nova works perfect on them. It is also easy to disassemble and clean.


Good sleep is the third most important thing to get through a long trip. All the lost energy of daily activities have to be reconditioned during the night.

The tent should be lightweight, freestanding and robust against weather influences. For me the MSR NOOK fitted good. I choose it because I could buy one of them second hand for a good price.

The sleeping bag I used the down based and mummy shaped Hilight Absolut 0. I'm still happy with it and I slept in a big range of temperature (<0° C - >30° C). In the countries with high humidity it was hard to get it dry again.

The most comfort was the sleeping mattress. I wouldn't go camping without it. First i had the Exped DownMat 7 LW, but after 4 month there was a problem with the air chambers. I changed it to a Exped SynMat 7 LW. Because there is no down inside, its less vulnerable for humidity.