• 2017 West-Africa Biketour

    My first big adventure! I drove by bicycle from Tanger (Morocco) to Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire). During 8 month i was exploring the west-coast of Africa and crossed snow-covered mountains in Morocco, abandoned desert of Western Sahara and the hospitality of black Africa.

  • 2018 Tarifa Bike to Kite

    My next journey will start soon. By bike from Zürich to Tarifa to go kitesurfing.

Hey, Welcome to my Website!

I'm Marco, born in 1990 and the moment I've startet traveling, a 26-year-old guy from Switzerland.

After finishing my study in mechatronics, I was hungry to see something of the world. And I mean not by media, YouTube or any other chanel, I wanted to be at the places by myself and to be free to go wherever I want. Not to be dependent on tourist infrastructure. Because there you will see the reality of their local culture and livestyle.

That’s why I started preparing myself and my bicycle for a long trip. To escape from the cold weather in Europe, I went as fast as possible to Morocco where I started cycling to the south. The plan is to cycle as long as possible along the west coast of Africa to the south.

I love to plunge into uncertain adventures that bring me out of my comfort zone.